Achieve your dreams with by investing in a Benahavis propertySun, sea and sand are dreams for many of us, for later in life and for settling down in your golden years. To many of us, though, it seems as though these dreams may forever out of reach. If you take the chance to buy a Benahavis property now, however, the dreams may be more realistic than you think.

Why choose a Benahavis property

There are plenty of well-known, popular retirement areas on the Spanish coast, along the Costa Blanca, the Costa Brava and particularly the Costa del Sol. Their popularity can be a downside to potential investors or retirees. Prices increase as a town or village becomes more well-known and popular. The Benahavis property market is yet to reach this point, making it an ideal opportunity for you to live your dreams at a fraction of the price of an over-full resort like Benidorm. In Benahavis property is still available to buy for reasonable prices, with a huge range of possibilities available. If you know where to look you can find an incredible, well-price and modern Benahavis property for sale with:

  • A private swimming pool;
  • A terrace with a mountain view;
  • A sea view;
  • Private grounds.

The village is surrounded by stunning nature, with beautiful beaches, incredible mountains, lakes and forests all nearby. Benahavis property is increasingly owned by north Europeans, meaning that you will always be able to find the luxuries or necessities that you are used to at home, as well as people in a similar stage of life with whom you can enjoy local facilities, including the Country Club, golf course and food establishments. And of course any Benahavis property is never far from the beautiful, sandy beaches along the Costa del Sol, between Marbella and Estepona. Malaga airport nearby means that travel back to family is always easy and readily available, and some of Spain’s most popular cities, such as Seville and Cordoba are only a short distance away.

Finding the right place for you

Searching for a new place to live, far from home, can be complicated. That is why we recommend using established estate agents in the area, with knowledge of the Benahavis property market, to help you find exactly what you are looking for, what you have dreamt of. Our favourite, because of the variety of property that they offer as well as their professional, friendly and efficient service, is a company called Realista. Based in Marbella, they know the area and the Benahavis property market intimately, and they are experienced in advising people from all around in the world in the steps necessary to find and purchase houses in Spain. Their website,, has an impressive listing of Benahavis property, as well as properties around the whole Costa del Sol area. One can easily spend hours getting lost in the wide range of properties available via Realista, and let your dreams wander, but there are more than enough possibilities available that almost anyone will find what they are looking for. Even if you do not find your dream retirement home immediately on their site, we recommend contacting Realista and one of their agents will take your details and your requirements, and will inform you when something which may interest you becomes available. That takes a lot of the stress out of looking for your place to settle down and relax in your later years, and helps you to enjoy life and look forward to retirement. Go and take a look at their website now.

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