Every spring and for most part of the summer I suffer from severe hay fever. Everyone who is in the same boat as me, knows how terrible this is and how distracting it can be. Therefore, I definitely understand the importance of keeping the air in your home clean. For this purpose, I purchased an air cleaner from Winix last month and it definitely improved my quality of life! I could recommend an air cleaner to anyone else who suffers from hay fever, but also to those who don’t. Living in a house where the air is clean is very important and many don’t realize how quickly the air is polluted and what the consequences of this can be. An air cleaner is great for everyone and in this article I will tell you all about it!

The purpose of an air cleaner

An air cleaner comes with many benefits. First of all, let me say this: what doesn’t hurt you, only works in your advantage (at least, most of the time). Therefore, if you didn’t think you needed an air cleaner, you should really reconsider your choice. Here are few reasons on why you should get one:

  • Spring is around the corner and that means hay fever is too. It helps you get rid of all the damaging substances that are inevitably brought into your home from the outside. 
  • Even if you don’t suffer from hay fever, it counteracts air pollution in your home which tends to have a negative effect on the health development of children and to a lesser extent on that of adults.
  • Like I said, it keeps the air in your home clean and therefore it can prevent you from getting sick. Normally, when one is sick in the family, the rest soon follows. This device will make sure that you won’t infect each other with a cold. 
  • It keeps the unpleasant scents out the door. For example, body odors and the scents as a result of cooking will no longer linger in your house, because of this device that immediately purifies the air when it is affected. 
  • It will reduce the growth rates of mould in your home which every house suffers from. In the long term, this will keep the atmosphere in your home much cleaner. 

Long story short, an air cleaner benefits all! This device imitates the ability of nature to clean the air with its safe and effective process. It eliminates air pollutants which results in clean and fresh air. 

How does it work?

I can almost hear you think: “but how does it work?!” Believe me, I asked this same question in the beginning because I, too, was not convinced in the first place. So let me tell you all about the wonders of an air cleaner. The device first creates a short electrical discharge to create dual polarity ions from air moisture. The ions that the device creates attach themselves to the surface of air pollutants and with that removing hydrogen from the structure of the air. This action removes the air pollutants and it allows the ions to transform the missing hydrogen from the structure of the air pollutants into air moisture, also known as H2O. The use of an air cleaner is completely safe and if you are looking to get one you should definitely check out the website of Winix! 

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